Myron Runft Charolais - Let us help you with you breeding needs !
Welcome once again!

     I continue to work hard to help you find everything you need. 
                          Myron Runft Charolais is focused 
           on providing high-quality bulls and customer satisfaction. 
                               I will do everything I can
                      to help you with your expectations.
                    Please contact me at    785-527-1269

Our 2019 Bull Sale being held on
 March 16, 2019
Details have not been updated completely at our link below
we are working on it.

2015 was the final Myron Runft Charolais bull sale.
 My younger associates will hold our third

T & S Strnad Charolais Sale 
  of which I are pleased to be an associate .
I hope you will continue to support our efforts to provide you with 
high quality Charolais bulls to meet you needs.    

I still have a nice selection of fall yearling bulls if you want to
come and look.  I can get you details if you wish.

We are here if you have any or comments in the days ahead.
Please feel free to contact us.
                                         Contact Us At    :  785-527-1269    
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